Build Your Site With WordPress! Refer, Market, And Post so Easily…

To Build your site with WordPress…

The process is so simple, you won’t believe your eyes how simple… It would probably take me longer to write this paragraph. By that time, once you know exactly what to click on, Add, And ‘Save Changes”, Your site is up and running…It can be done that quick using WordPress

How To get your very own site and why is it important!…

If you’re like me, and you tell someone what you do and what you’re all about. A most, obvius question people ask you is, “Well What’s your website?”

As a step above, and to look more professional, you really should have your own site. Preferably One with your name attached to it. Also, as an added benefit…

Alot of times, you may like to promote an affiliate program or affiliate tool that helps you and your subscribers get more orders:  You will be approved more quickly and can actually ADD it to your site. So whenever you promote your site… There It is! The exact tools you use that your subscribers can access through your affiliate link ….it’s all located in one place..   your very own website!

This , by the way is included in the funnel X2 system, video by video, if you use this to make money as well like I do. I leve this link HERE!

“Let’s Get Started building your very own website from ‘scratch'”….

First thing you want to do is get a great hosting account. One that doesn’t leave your website in limbo when people click on it. Don’t you hate when you go to a site and all you get is a bunch of buffering going on and I hate to say it, but aggravated with it, you simply close it out and leave!

“Start With A Quality Hosting Account! Here’s why….

You’re customers will do the same as well. Remember, most people just don’t have  a high tolerance for such activities that can be avoided with a qualified hosting  account!

“I use Siteground Hosting…..

They have great support! They have live chat that you don’t wait around to get your issues resolved. As a matter of fact, they will do it for you if you allow them to. You can click this link here to get started.

“Get A domain, preferably”……

Once you get your siteground Hosting set up. Just so you know, you can also pick a domain name here as well.  For this particular purpose, please choose This way, people will get to recognize more and more as you help them along the way…

Get Your cPanel Login details and cPanel URL: From Your Welcome email or LIVE CHAT can give your Siteground cPanel info….

Once you are set up wth your hosting account, just simply go to the email you applied when you signed up, and simply get the cPanel login details. Including the URL. If you don’t know what they are, don’t hesitate,,,,login to your siteground acoount and scroll around til you see “LIVE CHAT.”  From there please give your name, email, etc…and ask for cPanel login details and most importantly the cPanel URL….

Now, Once you put the cPanel  URL into your browser, and click on it, you then log in! Once you’re in there , you should see a picture of a white W inside a Square Blue Box…’click on that’… Then press , ‘Install’  Add the domain you created for this purpose and apply your wordpress site there… then once created  …you will have created a site with  along with that to edite what’s inside your site… you will have a   It will be whatever domain you created forward slash (/) wp-admin  Put this link in your browser and log in…

Get This Plugin: Pretty Links to help keep track of website traffic….here’s how…

Once you are logged in here, simply go to plugins, (located on the side bar to the left of your site.) From Plugins,  scroll to “Add New”. It’s just like having a new cell phone and you’re adding new apps to your phone through Play Store.

You will see a plugin search bar on your screen. Type  Pretty Links  and “Activate” Once you add this it will be on your side bar as well where plugins is located.

   Adding a perfect theme (pictures that make your site so beautiful within your site content)…. Here’s How…..

Next We want to add a theme  to your  WordPress site.  So now, let’s head over to the sidebar, and click on  Appearance, then scroll over to where it says  themes. Click, ‘Add New”. There are tons of pictures that you can add that kinda give your  site meaning to what your site is about. So, take your time in picking out the right theme.   click  ‘Select’ and that’s it. Your theme  will be uploaded to your site…

   Not to worry…..

If you feel that you’ve written  much content on your website and decide you want a better them for your site? Not to worry All your content will automatiacally transfer itself and configure to the new them you want to use! This is the only site I know that does it like this….All the more reason to build your site with WordPress

And Again, you can find thie inside your cPanel of your hosting account.

Now that your site is ready!…It’s time to write your first post to introduce yourself and your brand new website!

Simply go to (or whatever domain name you chose with /wp-admin. Log in to that site with you username and password and you can  go to your sidebar to the left of your website and see the word Posts. Under Posts, scroll down to Add New, Write your first post. Please very important:  if you laeve, please , please ,  SAVE YOUR WORK….Click on “SAVE DRAFT”   just don’t want you to lose your work before you Publish it…

This way you can log in again, and start where you left off.  “Comprehende?” Good enough said on that.

Not done yet, But Almost!….

On the right side of your website, under Tags, simply type in keywords you believe are similar in nature to what others would click on and your information would appear in the search engines like Yahoo, Bing. or Google, etc.

Under Category, type the main subject term that your site is mainly about. Just so you know I unchecked the box, “Uncategorized” so it doesn’t look unprofessional with that word there….Once you did this, the fun begins…

Time to click,  “PUBLISH”  AND YOUR POST IS Live!….

If you truly want to do this step by step, simply print this , sher it to your files and be able to read it as you do it….   Hope this helps you to build your site with WordPress!



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