“From a ‘nobody’ status To an A1 REP. with a little “White Lie” That I Fibbed About, Which Makes Me and a few Other ‘Biz Wiz Smarties’ #1 Home Based Income Earners!…Keep Reading…

To be honest with you….

Listen: To be honest with you, I almost gave up! Completely. With years of just about  buying everything from affiliate programs, mlm programs ( a ton of these), “As seen On T.V. Offers (moneymakers), distributorships, home based business course, home study course, you name it.

“I was the home-based opportunity junkie”….

It’s true. I spent way too much money than I earned! How About you?   That’s when I wanted to throw in the towel!  Frustrated, I was mad and angry. After a hard day at work,  making a few dollars, compared to what company owners and “Big Bosses” made…I ended up crying walking  literally on the way home! (back then I spent so much looking for the right deal!… I couldn’t afford a car)…

It wasn’t until I stumbled on a so called, ” Funnel X System”. A system that if you got this far you’ll soon learn about my ‘white Lie’ ( I won’t forget to tell you about this..) and how I actaully got PAID for a change instead of dishing out more and more money for peanut profits!

       “You Can Have “New Money” In The Palm  your hands Over and Over Again!…

And! The best part?  You can do it without talking with anyone. Everything is laid out for you to understand and implement this system on complete AUTO-PILOT! Step by step, short video by short video to do this system. It will be set up as you created it!….And Here’s the ‘White Lie’…

        ….The ‘White Lie’ that got me and a whole bunch of biz wiz smarties to make tons of money without a big ‘to-do’ list and no professional skills…

It’s easy… The guy, you’ll meet him in the first video, will literally help you do all the selling and marketing your system. This way as people go into your funnel X system…All the details are given to educate and direct new customers (of yours, which are part as the automation)…..to make you  “new money” over and over again….daily,  weekly, and monthly…ALL in One Funnel  X System, with your name as the author so to speak, because you will be getting the commissions… How? You’re Wondering?….

“Ok! How Am I gonna make quick money with a system I don’t have to talk with anyone at all, do videos, or promoting of my own of any kind? Now You Got My  Attention!”

OK. The moment you’ve been waiting for. And am sure you’re as eager as I was without all the fluff to get right into it and get started.  But please, I know you’re excited now. But give yourself time to set this thing up. Even I had to relax….But, it does work and when it is put together well. You got income coming in the wazoo! Once it is set up.You only have to set it up ONCE!… If you raed this far and understand everything I have written here… you are ready to get started!

     Now! About my ‘white lie’…..

This system was soooo easy. I began telling all my social media friends. about it! I was impressing some of the hot chics about it! Felt like a ‘Top Dog’. How from feeling like a ‘nobody’ to becoming a money machine….atracting money with just this formula alone. And the best part, You would be like this angel, because your friends would make money too!

Not just them, but anyone that put their own system together through your link…

You get recurring income, as well as commissions, big and small, whenever any of your members upgrade!  What funnel system that is free to use the platform ($997 Value)…This guy , as you will meet him in video 1, gives you his entire thing on a silver Platter! I still use this today!

                              If you have any questions,…..

Not that you will once you see how everything is explained by the numbers…but just in case you do? Feel free to contact me. my cell is 1+ 857-318-5919. Text me first “about funnel x System jor8” and i will give you top priority to help you first!

My name, as you know now, is michael deluca. My skype ID is                                               moneymikedelucalive. and my Facebook to friend me, if you’d like to is moneymike


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