”Want Thousands Of Email Leads Every Week? How about 100 per day for starters? Read On”….

How To Get Thousands Of Email Leads Every Week

Moneymike DeLuca

      Whatever you are promoting, you need leads.
When you buy a solo for 40 cents per click and send it to an optin page that gets 30% optin, you are paying $1.33 per email lead.
Why not get 200k+ email leads for $30.

Sure the quality isn’t as high but the cost is so cheap you can easily make money and have a positive ROI.
It’s hard to get a positive ROI buying solos!

        I  will also include instructions on how to set up a self hosted autoresponder  you can add these leads to for only $4 per month!

This is actually a twist on something you might have already seen however our twist on it is what really explodes it.

       Here is how it works.

You join MLGS on my team which costs $30 setup plus $30 per month.

MLGS gives you 100 leads per day. If you refer someone else you will get an extra 100 leads per day so 200 total per day max.

Every week you upload your 700-1400 leads to us and we combine everyone’s leads and remove duplicates and then clean the leads to remove bad leads.

We then send you all the combined new unique leads.

Week 1 I got 34,000, week 2 I got 49,000 and week 3 I got 116,000 email leads.
I will be emailing 1 million leads a day within 2 months! Getting 500-1k clicks per day.

I have gotten 2 warrior plus sales totaling $42 from using just the internal mailer.

Many other members have gotten sales from the leads also.

You can also make recurring commissions by referring others.


To get just the leads and use the internal mailer is $30 one time setup plus $30 per month.

To get your own self hosted VPS server costs $35 to a guy to set up everything including a mailing program.
Then only $4 per month for the hosting.


Watch the video at the below link for more details but they will not discuss the combined leads as that’s our bonus to our team.

Our team bonuses are:
1) Access to a private facebook group discussing My Leadgen Secret strategy.

2) Access to the lead swap program.

3) Instructions on setting up your own self hosted autoresponder, Mailwizz.

4) Access to a setup guy who will setup everything for you for only $35. I have paid $1500 in the past for this same service!


My own personal bonuses are:

1) Help from me, a full time email marketer since 2012.

2) Copy of my warrior plus product “1107 Top Subject Lines” currently selling for $7.00

3) Copy of my warrior plus upsell “101 Top Swipes” currently selling for $27.00


Make sure to get signed up before Friday night so you can take part in this weeks lead swap.


Watch Video

They also have a $29.95  upsell which is 30 highly responsive emails that work well with these leads.  I use these myself and they work!
If you are not good at writing engaging emails, I suggest you pick up this offer. They are $59.95 in the member’s area if you want them later.

P.S.  I am close friends with  A  Solo Ads Expert who knows what he’s doing and will help me and my team to succeed.  You will have access to our group once you’re in with ALL Instructions and many bonuses…. Read this again!….you’ll know what’s in store for you.

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