Welcome Post

Welcome To My site. My name is Michael DeLuca.

Who Am I?

Just to let you know, I’m addicted to Online Marketing and the results it has gotten me.   I followed some awesome people and their systems that have helped me boost my income levels to go from small commissions at first, to bigger and bigger, as you go.

….a process that doesn’t take long to get off the ground if you follow the steps and links I give to you. I promise, you won’t be left out… And I will be here for you, every step of the way.

Why? Because, I do care about your success and you will be able to copy what I’m doing. You will have full video instructions as well as reading material (if you prefer) to help you on your journey!

In this site, I will give reviews and feedback on products and services that have helped me generate a constant flow of leads without PAID Traffic!

Resources that helped me build sites that follow all Compliance Laws so
you don’t get sued! Today, it’s so important. I had to mention it here.
It’s never too late to know. But, at the same time, if you’re hit with a lawsuit.
By then, it’s too late to change it!

If you need info on the Website Compliance Laws…you can ask below! Trust me,
at least you will have the info if you simply ask…. ( Let’s continue)….

I will try to be on point and on purpose with knowledge and information that is important to you for expanding online to perhaps replace your income at work, or just to supplement  a certain income you desire.  Either way,  I want to help, if you allow me too…

Your Experience Level?

My name is Mike Deluca, as my friends call me moneymike Deluca. I go back in mail order days. I ran Full page Ads in the magazines, built a great income. But it seemed, it wasn’t enough. Online Marketing changed all that as it got cheaper and cheaper to make money online.

That’s in a nutshell, why I am here today. And because today everything is so automated. I share with you plans where you can ‘step out of the way’ and let certain funnels do its thing for you once you configure the codes….  more on this later.

What else You Got?…

If you want to ask me any questions you may have, you can do so below  I just gave you. I have a  YouTube Channel, as well.   Michael Deluca on YouTube Search. you should find me there. I have some great training videos! One I love myself.  “How to Hack The keywords from other People’s websites and ADD them as your Own to RANK high
On Youtube, Google, and SEO”

Talk with you soon,
Mike DeLuca

Mike Deluca